Tuesday, January 15, 2013



Max said...

Bruce did not interview well. Key points he should have hammered home:

1) ATU proposed changes to the HOS policy FIRST, before TriMet.

2) ATU proposed a policy that is much safer, TriMet rejected that.

3) TriMet's proposal does not limit the total time on-duty, but ATU's does.

3a) There is lots of evidence (Bruce listed it in his response) that says split shifts are the more serious/dangerous issue -- and TriMet's response doesn't address it.

4) The only reason why ATU is not at the contract negotiation table right now is because TriMet is unwilling to allow the public access to the negotiations.

I thought Dave (the host) was playing softball, but he can only go so far -- Bruce still has to whack it out of the park, and I didn't see him do that. Hopefully he will get better at this as time goes by.

Al M said...