Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Criminal investigation of bloggers now?

I've got some rather interesting (and disturbing) news that there is possibly a 'criminal investigation' underway of one of my blogger associates. Specifically Lane Jensen. 
After hearing what was supposed to be the facts surrounding this all I could do was laugh. It's hard for me to believe that any law enforcement agency would bother to investigate and prosecute a transit blogger. I can't think of anything that Lane has done that would be classified as 'illegal'. Supposedly two current Trimet employees have been questioned by a Portland Police Detective about Lane. Lane contacted Portland Police and provided them with his name and DOB and asked if there were any pending investigations on him. They answered him with a  "NO".
I just don't see any of this as being credible. What a trial this would make if it actually happened. Sheer nonsense from where I sit.
Lane Jensen criminal?

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