Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dan Christensen on OVERTIME and EVIL bus drivers

Dan goes on a pretty decent anti reporter anti blogger rant. Of course he makes some excellent points as he always does but as far as I am concerned allowing people to work endless hours is poor public policy. The other thing Dan forgets is this: just because something hits the paper doesn't mean anything will change. Actually nothing ever changes, except for the health insurance and the break time.

It’s very obvious.

1. Get rid of the extraboard drivers, That type of exceptional service is only wrong.

2. The entire staff of Trimet in fact should be fired and replaced by reporters from KPTV, KATU, KGW, and KOIN. At least then they will make a good wage and have a good "Cadilac Healthcare" option.

3. The head of Trimet should be selected from the staff of the Oregonian

4. Managers should be selected from a series of bloggers who rotate through the job based on who posts the most negative post about Trimet. (Obviously the most important criteria for Managing ever) Read his editorial below

Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Bus Drivers.

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