Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting the hell out of Trimet

This was originally a comment on another post but it deserves its own post:

railsignalman said...
Al, there is life after t.m for sure. Enjoy your life and live it as best you can. My early retirement is effective 1-4-13. I can't wait. I too would not have retired (55) early but the overall climate had changed too much for me to bear. I couldn't bring myself to come to work anymore for those that don't appreciate or care what we bring to the table. I start a new job on 1-7-12. It took this latest regime to make me find a better job and my self esteem again. My new employer offered me benefits that made my jaw drop. To all of you out there hanging on, I do hope the downward spiral stops and the pride people had doing an honorable profession serving the public comes back. Being an employer's target gets old. Being made to feel like some kind of criminal just because we want a fair wage and benefits. Having an employer with no ethics stealing money we earned and then telling us "Do the Right Thing" I can't deal with that anymore. Meanwhile the bad decisions continue being made. I suspect the jig is up and things will get better for the workers and the traveling public someday, but not soon.But in the meantime, fight on for your rights! I worked with a lot of good people and made some good friends there, those I will miss.

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