Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Joe Rose Vs Shelly Lomax on Face Out Loud

We have the usual dishonesty being put forth by the Trimet people, attempting to link the union to the failed hours of service policy. The union has no responsibility for assigning work shifts. That falls strictly to the Trimet management.(Bruce Hansens comments regarding this story are here )The fact that Trimet management has chosen to abuse the hours of service policy is not the responsibility of the union, it falls squarely on the managements shoulders. The hours of service policy establishes the parameters which Trimet management must work under. It does not imply that the management must take full advantage of this policy. Management is free to hire the appropriate staffing but chooses to hire executives rather than drivers.
Original OPB production is here!

Joe Rose vs Shelly Lomax on Think Out Loud from al m on Vimeo.


Max said...

"The union has no responsibility for assigning work shifts"

Al doesn't the union contract say that extra shifts be given out based on seniority? Also, aren't the HOS rules part of the contract?

Obviously, the right thing to do is to hire more employees, thus limiting the amount of OT available; but it seems like if OT shifts are available then high seniority people will always have the ability to take advantage of them.

... or is there something I'm missing?

Max said...

Joe was on the attack, that was great, but

1) Bruce should have been part of the conversation.

2) Obvious question that wasn't asked:

"Shelly, if you're truly concerned about safety then why not hire additional operators to limit the need for excessive amounts of OT?"

Al M said...

Extra board gets all extra work first I guess.
The rules allow it but this situation is occurring because trimet was too busy hiring executives, managers etc and ended up not having enough operators.

The blame is 100% management.
(well actually its a failure of state/federal regulatory agencies too)