Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lane Jensen Blasts Neil Mcfarlane

Trimet – Neil McFarlane Refuses to Answer Me! | Portland Transit Lane


Henry Beasley said...

And you didn't wait for an answer, as he brushed you aside, not even agknowledging your presence. You really got his attention. Not really.

Al M said...

Lane has more view that I do, ON MY BLOG!

Max said...

As I said on Lane's blog, on Jan 7 Neil didn't claim that operator fatigue was not an issue in the crash. He said "hours of service was not at issue in that incident".

Seems like lots of things you can nab Neil on, but I don't think this is one of them. Or maybe I'm wrong? Feel free to point me to the spot in the video where he said this.

Henry Beasley said...

Fatigue "is" the no.1 saftey issue, it has been outed, thanks to the Oregonian.