Monday, January 14, 2013


Lane made every single news station today!

Lane Jensen of KPTV from al m on Vimeo.


Max said...

... and that's why I don't watch the news anymore. Too many pointless stories like this one.

"Coming up at eleven, we found someone speeding on I-5! The later, we'll tell you about 'Dress Up Your Pet Day'!"

(No joke - that really was one of KGW's stories today)

Al M said...

I know but you can't miss these classic LANE JENSEN news stories! hahaha

It turned into a circus for Trimet bloggers!

I loved every minute of it highlighted but the KATU HEAD SIGN TELEPROMPTER!

Jason McHuff said...

It's not news, it's entertainment!

I don't watch it either.

Barney Rubble said...

Does this Lane have a job, or are we taxpayers paying for his existence????

Al M said...

It's definitely entertainment!

A bus going through a stop sign in hardly news.

Jason McHuff said...

Does this Lane have a job


Al M said...

Who else do I know that doesn't have a job?