Thursday, January 3, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
fama tfol el "cri" i 9ol7a "tri", n7ar 3amel crima el bou7, t7a9et, tla3 el sta7 we bde i si7 "trimet baba yo79ot !"


any chance the 152 start running on schedule?  

Glison to holgate never takes 30 minutes .. WTF trimet .. wtf 

This 77 just turned into a can of sardines. When did this line become the 72?  

Rider is going to call into and demand more buses on the 77 line. Good luck, lady. I've been trying for months  

Rider complaining about 30 minute wait times for the 77.  
Line 77/04 broken down at 68/Halsey, just died while at the stop  

fama tfol el "cri" i 9ol7a "tri", n7ar 3amel crima el bou7, t7a9et, tla3 el sta7 we bde i si7 "trimet baba yo79ot !"

Sitting on the train next to a woman who in the past has gone batshit crazy and punched people. I am avoiding eye contact.  

It's been out for a month. Was out for about three months during the Summer. Arrival times stuck thinking it's 6:15 Weds. 

The Milikan ticket station is down heading Westbound. Has been for 2 days now. 


The westbound Green Line MAX due this morning @ 9:17 AM @ the 82nd Ave. stop was a no-show.  

72 bus just drove right past me at 33 and killingsworth. What the fuck. 

Then, impress me by taking me somewhere unexpected. In a car, of course. I'm tired of using trimet. Plus it'll be fun.  

Don't you love it when you get your stop on time and your bus doesn't show. I do love standing in the cold for 15 extra minutes.

argh! Your number 24 bus just sailed right by me on Fremont without stopping! Now I have 30 min walk. Not the first time. 

Fuck I wish would go away and let a real transit agency, one with real customer service (TriMet: look it up) come in. 

You even trying to get "transit tracker" to show realistic arrival times for yellow line? Trains missing. Trimet care? No!!! 

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