Friday, January 4, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
50 minutes standing in the cold and waiting for a green line. owes me an hour of pay.

Bus driver straight up got off the bus at a stop to have cig. Wtf trimet

front doors fell off of 9405 at 6th and Washington 

I didn't think that my biggest problem with trimet would be the possibility of both bus and streetcar running EARLY.  

Fuck trimet. $2.50 for carsickness and getting coughed on by a very unhealthy looking woman. Ugh.  

New Trimet buses in Portland suck. Less comfortable, uglier, cold and unemotional.  

over a week now and the machines at the 60th max stop still don't accept cash. 

I seriously need to get my bike fixed, I could be to the job or back to the max in the time it takes to wait for  #47 each day 

dammit  #47 bus is late again

Thats a nice looking bus to my "old" six year old car. 

where are the bus numbers? Stop ID 8223  

rule 2: you will miss every connection you need to make 

Other than 1 other rider and me, this no. 12 bus must be delivering an audience to the Jerry Springer Show. Including the driver.  

On a blue line from the airport. It changed at gateway. People are taking up multiple seats with luggage. Where are the transit cops 

Group of delinquent kids lighting themselves on fire, literally, at Jeld-Wen station. That'll end well.  

Ticket dispenser T170 at SW 5th & Oak not working 

Missed our signal earlier because some little prick was holding the door for his little prick friend. Now it's all screwed up.  

I really hate B.O. It gets all in your mouth and gagging on the train just isn't attractive. 

I an all up in the number 12 bus like a handsome older Norovirus.  

50 minutes standing in the cold and waiting for a green line. owes me an hour of pay.  

Is the arrival screen outside OHSU ever going to be operational again? 

Fyi Prescott max station status clock on Southside is not working 

passed by 3 yellow and 1 not in service. Where are the green line trains? 

3, 3:15, 3:30 green lines from PSU all showed on time on Transit Tracker but have yet to be seen. 

This younger fellow that just got on is too tall to ride the 2100... He has to duck down while standing :(  

Why I don't like being early for the bus: the cold biting wind that the shelter at the stop offers next to NO protection from  

FINALLY on a red line heading home.. I hate it when my plans go to sh*t. Oh well. That's life 

God dammit trimet 

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