Wednesday, January 9, 2013


These are a few of the issue I see with the new INIT system.  This is not all of the issues and they are not in any kind of order.

1.        Forms in the INIT system take much too long to open, fill out, and transfer to the  ACID program.
2.       Must have two headsets, one for each system.  Three keyboards, two foot pedals, two phone systems.  (and a partridge in a pear tree).
3.       INIT call times out after two minutes, with no way to override. 
4.       INIT bus in schedule mode; impossible to get a real location.
5.       Operator logoff end of day, two part process, if not done right it’s a long process for the dispatcher to fix it.
6.       Snow and Ice reroutes, nothing pre-done or ready to go.  (if we have snow it will be a nightmare on this system)
7.       Extra service, training buses, specials (bus bridges, events) none of which can logon on.
8.       Silent alarms go too long before you can call the bus. Voyager Legend
Wire headset for $99.99 I was told to e-mail all issues regarding console set ups to the above people. With all the wires going one way and other wires going another they both seem to interfere with all the keyboards and mice.. Today my head set wire popped up and caught one out of three keyboards that we have to each console went flying at the same time I was trying to pick something up that fell off the desk and the keyboard that went air born hit me in the face. So, I ask you all. If the technology is there why oh why are we still using wired technology when there is wireless equipment out there that will not only look more professional but be more user friendly? There have been multiple times were each of us in dispatch go to type or talk while we are looking over our shoulders at one of the 8 to 9 monitors for information we need to complete the call,  we will then select the wrong mouse or wrong keyboard or wrong radio… Can our work station please be evaluated and something done? I really would appreciated any assistance in these issues. There is no reason to have all of these keyboards and mice, right now the most we should have to each console is two mice and two keyboards, and that is only because we are currently using both radio systems at once. I was told that the older radio system cannot be wireless due to system requirements. Why do we have to separate phone systems? Why can’t all the phones be switched to the new phone system and have the physical phone still at each console in case there is a system issue but placed out of the way.

here’s a good one for you,
At aprox 8:00 Operator calls about a loud/verbal type passenger that gets on.  She asked for help to make sure person got off downtown, which we set up.

Operator called back a couple of mins  later saying a passenger told her this same person has a gun.  As was talking to the Operator the bad guy came up and stood by the Operator.  (I was on the phone with 911).

This called time out early; now here’s the situation:

Bad Guy, already has been harassing Operator, then a passenger reports the person has a gun and at the most critical point we loss radio communication with the driver, because of a problem we’ve been told has been fixed.
As it turned out person got off and the driver was ok, (we got lucky).

903 bus 2712 Operator XXXX inc # 726356 was the Dispatcher calling Operator and I was on with 911

Like of info to dispatchers; See ACID inc 726560

Maintenance removed all spot mirrors from the 3000 serious buses.  Dispatch did not find out until we were stuck in the middle.  Situation:  Maintenance refusal to change out buses for Operators that wanted a spot mirror and Operators refusal to drive a bus without a spot mirror. 

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