Thursday, January 17, 2013

Portland Transport Blog full of wimps and run by tyrants

I've been a regular at PORTLAND TRANSPORT for about 6 years now.
People that visit that site  regularly know its a pro streetcar propaganda blog. They did the Mcfarlane interviews which turned out to be just some pro Mcfarlane propaganda.
Yesterday I made the comment that since most people want to drive their cars the government is behaving in an anti democratic fascist manner by preventing the majority to drive their cars and planning this CRC mess to DISCOURAGE people from driving.

One member told me to "move" if I don't like Portland anther member asked that my post "be removed" due to the rhetoric.

I got admonished by Chris Smith and asked to 'tone down' my rhetoric (the wimps can't handle words apparently)

After I responded to Chris's statement the other moderator Bob Richardson went on a name calling tantrum against me.

Everybody knows Portland Transport is the HIP HIP HOORAY for street cars and 'transit oriented development' (aka enriching private developers by using tax payer funds and social engineering).

There are no sites, other than Bojack to counter their propaganda, and they make it very difficult for people with contrary views to comment.

They disappoint me continuously over there.

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