Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sock puppets demand action?

That's a laugh: TriMet board member demands action in light of investigation by The Oregonian


Al M said...

My comment on the O:
The 'sock puppets' (which is what the Trimet board is) made no actual demands on their beloved General Manager (had head liar). No timelines, no actual expectations, not one friggen thing.
This is how the sock puppets work.
Pretend they care, make a nice speech and it all goes away and nothing will change.
I've seen this over and over throughout the years

Al M said...

Eriks comment from the O:
Red Electric
"I had no idea that the problems were this extensive," Clark said

Maybe, if Steve Clark - and every other member of the TriMet Board of Directors - actually RODE the system, they would see the problems I have seen, and reported on, for over ten the point I finally gave up using the system.

Mr. Clark - you were formerly the publisher of the Portland Tribune. I have written - and you have published - many pieces from yours truly about the sad state of TriMet's dilapidated - and arguably unsafe - bus fleet. Don't say you didn't know about the problems. You ignored them. Just like the other Board Members...just like the General Manager.

Then you say:

My comments aren't to bawl you out," Clark told General Manager Neil McFarlane during a measured exchange

NO - your job is to hold McFarlane responsible - and to fire him with cause if he doesn't perform. You do not report to McFarlane - McFarlane reports to you. So what if he bawls his eyes out? Your job is to crank up the heat. Or he can quit - or you can fire him.

I'm sick and tired of the tail (McFarlane) wagging the dog (the Board) and the Board's complacency in managing a major transit agency. Step up and do your job, or step aside so we can have TRUE, REAL leadership. You knew of the problems - now start dealing with them. NOW. No more plans. No more studies. Eliminate the word "Try" and just fix them. There's no excuse for TriMet having a lack of safety...and you can start by retiring 200 buses, and replacing them with 200 brand spanking new buses, loaded up with lots of safety features (i.e. cameras, better lighting, improved mirrors, low floors, air conditioning, no carbon monoxide leaks, etc.)