Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Responding to the vitriol of an obsessive compulsive current Trimet employee's  lies and distortions

then publishing those tapes over the internet via his blog. As he filmed on the routes he drove, customers (unannounced to them)  became part of the recordings which were then shown over the internet. Concerns developed as customers feared for their personal safety. Some may have been in witness protection, some may have been in hiding from abusive relationships, others simply asked their privacy be respected. 

The woman is delusional as usual. There was never ONE SINGLE COMPLAINT FROM THE PUBLIC!
All the complaints came from paranoid employees. 
The complete bullshit that Ellen publishes is libelous. She makes it up as she goes along.

What he does at home I have no idea until someone speaks out but many women are in fear.
WOW, I have never heard from one woman who was in 'fear' of me that actually knew me.
The wild imagination of the FOX is very entertaining.  

He lied to two judges, telling them he didn't create this persona to purposely "frighten"me.
Funny that the judges didn't see it that way huh? 

And now its time for the ELLEN FOX THEME SONG!

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