Saturday, January 5, 2013


Take a look at the work area for a dispatcher with the new system.
There are SEVEN computer screens that ONE dispatcher must monitor.
My understanding is that each dispatcher has TWO headsets on, one in each ear.
How is this sort of system efficient and safe?

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Erik H. said...

It isn't the seven monitors that disturb me, it's the overall dysfunctional mess and lack of organization that disturbs me.

Having seven monitors just means you have ALL of your information in front of you, rather than having to alt-tab to what you want. I do that all day long (Fortunately I have two monitors, but most of my co-workers just have one) flipping back and forth between systems. But unlike a dispatcher, my position is not safety sensitive nor time critical.

I see monitors spread out and wrapping around - not very ergonomic (think safety!). I see monitors improperly positioned below the Dispatcher's proper line of sight. I see a lot of paper that doesn't belong. I see chaos and disorganization.

And these folks are in safety sensitive positions.

I've been to our dispatch center and they have six screens - but they are mounted in an array two tall and three wide, directly in front of the dispatcher. The desk is neat and organized. Radios and telephones right at his right arm's reach. Nothing at all like the unprofessional and haphazard setup that I see in this picture.