Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunset Bob vs Tom Cord

A dispute between manager Tom Cord and Sunset Bob went on for awhile. As is always the case at 3MESS the managers win all of those. Trimet has 3 distinct social classes.

TOP CLASS-The Trimet aristocrats. Those are all the people that sit behind desks and make obscene salaries 'managing' the lower class. The aristocrats, as aristocrats everywhere, don't actually work to make their huge salaries. Most of them are connected to each other in some way or another. They look down on the union employee as 'less than people'.

MIDDLE CLASS-These are all the white shirt employees. Technically union employees but not part of the 'lower class'. They do the nuts and bolts of keeping the system moving. Dispatch for example tries to make sure things are running smoothly in the field. Station agents are responsible to make sure that the runs are filled by some 'lower class' grunt. Road supervisors respond to accidents and incidents and are theoretically responsible for making sure rules are followed. (doesn't really happen however)

LOWER CLASS-The blue shirt grunts who drive the equipment. The lowest class. Takes abuse from the two other classes on demand. Stuck doing one of the worst jobs possible at Trimet. Dealing with traffic, dealing with demanding riders, dealing with middle class supervisors who are not there, and then having to put up with the upper class nonsense. It's a bad spot to be in at Trimet.

In this video Sunset Bob calls out Tom Cord's pettiness. Of course Tom Cord ended up getting promoted. Yes men do very well at Trimet,


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