Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today's "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Ready to give up completely. 1st day on train in 2 weeks & trimet fails me again. Not worth it. Will drive, fewer headaches.

Sam@SamRogers26 4m
That trimet cop gave me some intense eye contact

Day 2 different driver mad lectures indecisive passenger over PA 4 holding door and making us wait through two signals.

Ok, creepy bus guy is right. Line 56 to Portland at 7:39? Total no show. at their finest.

. The bus sat 5 minutes from my stop for 50 minutes? When it went to 3 then back to 5, was it backing up?

Trimet might be the only bus system where the driver can get away with stopping for 10 minutes to hand out notecards and pens. Wtf?

Great line 4 wheelchair rider doesn't know how to get of the bus. How flipping wonderful

2 hrs from mcadam and Nebraska to 82nd & eugene. There has to be a way to blame trimet, right?


your driver on bus #2107 tonight (1900) was super awesome and a very helpful to get me off the hill. Tom 6801 was his name

Yet again the bus hasn't come. Guess I'm taking the long route home. Fuck Trimet!

Trimet rider asking the bus driver to sign a note for being late to a date! So cute!

I don't know the line, it was out of service. I have a compaint in with Trimet and left a message with the Transit Police.

44 St. Johns 40 minutes late. 44 downtown says he's 51 minutes late. Trimet keeps showing 5 minute arrival. Grrrrr

92 bus to Beaverton has been 3 minutes away for 20 minutes. Bad GPS tracker is worse than no GPS tracker. Pent up rant.

This guy is snorting coke in the seat behind me. life.

With the money we spend on public transit, how come time tables and actual arrivals NEVER coincide?

Half hour into my bus commute, not even half way. On a bike, I would have been home by now.

So the bus that is already running 15 minutes late has to stop and WAIT a minute to get on schedule?

One of your out of service bus drivers just chased me on my bike blaring his horn for several blocks. I'm calling the police.

FYI - monitor is gone at Powell MAX stop.

This is actually one time that could suggest ppl ride MAX to WES and ride south to avoid congestion on Barbur (12, 94, 96 routes)...

Hey I think line 6 could use more frequent service. We have to p

Niqqas dressing all fancy when they rely on trimet >>> -Me 😁😜😄

There's a whole mess of dumb mothers on the bus right now.

Dikey trimet people giving old ladies a hard time

Words cannot express how fucking angry I am at Trimet right now.

Trimet by myself ha. I hate this shit.

Obviously, THIS is the sort of info trimet means by "transparency": Arrival times.

yep. And next bus is 10 min late, making the wait time about 35 min at lunchtime. Going to drive instead. Damn.

I really hate when buses just don't show up. Esp when headways are > 15 minutes. This is one reason I've been driving more. :(

why do buses stop @ 6th & mill with front door lined up with garbage can? do MAX stops have this "feature"?

Why have this? Everyone knows Tri-Met doesn't care what it's customers think.

Oh, sure, man in front of me on , we all want to listen to folk ballads through your cricket phone.

It's cool, you dont *have* to stop when the cord is pulled if you dont feel like it. I was just hoping my whims matched yours.

And I can't wait to have my car out here, no more trimet yeah yeah yeah!

Love it when Trimet drivers are looking out for me. I'm going to be on time to work only because the 87 driver saw me running for it. <3

Also, it goes without saying, but the Flavel ticket machine (625) is broken....AGAIN. I'm tired of having that number memorized

I'm sure if you just fill out the form online, everything will be AWESOME!

It's so nice of to space their ticket stations so far apart so that a train leaves without you when you're trying for fare

And yet again I get to worry about a bus driver not accepting my ticket because the date isn't printed well.


It took me 1 hour to fly from Sac to PDX. It took me 2+ hours to take Trimet to my apt on the edge of Hboro. Sweet. 

This 9 I just let pass me at 1st and Arthur is literally the most crowded fucking bus I have ever seen.

The worst 72 bus driver on trimet goes to one I just got off the bus from. Soo rude

Fuck you trimet!

Remember when and did tha

Blame it on Trimet is my motto!

Ahhh its starting to rain and I am outside waiting for the f*cking trimet!

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