Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
If Trimet was a person, I would brutally murder it.
Completely crazy guy was singing on the MAX. The most beautiful voice EVER.

If you ride on Trimet, you're gonna have a bad time.

$2.50 for 3 hrs of is still shit. Go $2.50 for 2 hrs, $3.50 for a day pass. The rich ie management don't understand

Ah, is there anything better than an aggressive, loudmouth tweaker on the MAX?

Looks like there may be a fare mission coming up at Beaverton TC. Not sure if they will be on the Red Line or EB Blue Line.

Completely full bus on the 51's last trip to council crest/ dosch rd. See? People do actually ride this bus, !

This chick is blasting Taylor Swift music through her headphones. I can clearly hear it. Yay  

trusting is a spiritual exercise for me. breathe. patience.

The new Trimet buses have 39 seats in them, 23 dangling handles...

It was like 90 degrees in the MAX made us switch to. Imagine if it had been 90 *outside* what it would have been.

Why do people insist on turning their bodies to face other people on trimet......

i ride two buses from NW to NE with a small child and bike in tow, then cycle back to the river to work. rinse, repeat.

tests the limits of my parenting/employment/planning abilities. timing is everything.

why the fuck do you change the last stop of trains during rush hour? Why not have all trains go all the way to Hillsboro? Train 312

how do I submit a TVM error? Lost #0.25 in a malfunction

A TriMet cop just ninja-appeared on the MAX to check fares. Seriously appeared in a poof of smoke!

This is how late my line 21 is. And counting. Driver is MIA

Hey portland your max ticket machines DO NOT WORK

if my 21 doesn't show up soon ill be forced to wait for 90 minutes for my bus. How. The. Hell. Does that work?

This is ghastly.

rush hour is still a challenge for you isn't it? We want answers. NOW.

And just made us switch MAX trains to one that’s like 90 degrees inside. Brilliant.

Trimet is fuckin up today

If this afternoon were my first experience on Trimet, I would think that Portland public transit is awful.

I guess I missed the sign designating this MAX as the Fussy Baby Car. ;-)

Seriously Tri-Met, you need to take bus 2603 out of service. It stinks so badly of BO, incredible...

Fuck you trimet hurry up

ur guys machines are broken on galleria

there a delay on the southbound yellow line. There was supposed to be one just after 2 that never showed

is the yellow train showing up? Lots of people waiting at Rose Qtr for a long time.

im really glad trimet doesnt realize people have jobs they need to get to on time.

Dear white trash on Trimet, phones have something called Silent Mode. I'm going to need you to use this, and shut the eff up.

Random asshole/hobo on , "run him over, I ain't had dog in a while and I'm hungry!"...awkward silence.

Riding MAX to work, late because dog was hit by a train, been stopped on blue line at 28th ave for a while.

Now there are now TWO , hotties driving buses for . Thank you, Portland!

The Sunset TC is a major deterrent from using public transportation. Never any parking after 8 AM.

Fare inspectors everywhere! They boarded at Jeld-Wen Field and actual police boarded at Willow Creek.

sad to discover 2 tickets hiding in an old bag that i didn't trade in for the new tickets in time.

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