Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today's "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
One of your out of service bus drivers just chased me on my bike blaring his horn for several blocks. I'm calling the police.

It's amazing that in 2013 we haven't figured out a way for people to prove that a 100 lb. rottweiler is a service animal.

If Trimet was a person, I would brutally murder it.

Just watched a driver purposely pass by a disabled person with a cane struggling to try and catch the bus. Despicable. Missed line #

Some how the bus driver missed 8 people waiting at the bus stop. Now to wait 15 minutes mores and hope the next one don't miss us.

Better yet, send mgmt to Stuttgart so they can learn how to run a real light rail system. That runs on time. And doesn't break.

Yet again, Max trains are running 20+ minutes late w/no explanation on twitter or website. Try actually communicating with riders.

Folks waiting over 30 min. for westbound MAX from Eastside

Thank god for expresses on the freeway traveling at the blinding speed of 1mph. Truly efficient. The 38 would have been faster!

what's with the hold up on the westbound max trains?

Bus 2614 on route 35 has broken AC! Please fix!

Trimet is on crack.

Hey guys remember when the bus smelled like pickles? I miss that now that it smells like unwashed humanity.

At . It’s Earth Day, Every Day. Or is that CTRAN OHHHH WAIT! TriMet is Screw People, Every Day.

Fucking hate trimet my day has been shit and its about to get 10x worse

O/h on the bus ” consensual rape is no big deal. Even if she's like 5. She consented”

Wheel vibration on MAX car 236B. Almost like a flat spot or bearing. Too frequent to be track gaps.

I hate trimet. This Milwaukee feat didn't help there reputation with me and most everybody else.

Trimet needs to hurry up so I can go home and tan >:(

Wow this chick on looks like someone told her she looked like Taylor Swift and she took them super seriously.

Late for class again. Thanks .

needs to start running 2 44 buses at a time. Peoples comfort and safety are being infringed upon by the volume of passengers.

Ah, you bitch.

CORRECTION: The bell works, just rings randomly of its own accord. Buy your favorite TriMet driver a drink after work. They have earned it.

All I wanna scream today is F-CK TRIMET! A beautiful soul taken from us way too soon three years ago…

both pay machines aren't accepting cards at the lloyd center stop westbound location... Come on trimet step your game up

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