Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Day after day we are bombarded with various pro Trimet items in the mainstream media.
Yesterday it was the 'solar system'.
The day before that it was the the stupid 'conference call'.
The day before that was the transfer printers.....
On and ON and on, day after day bombarded with pro Trimet management 'news'.
Of course none of it is news, its made up news.

And then today, they had the big MLR MILESTONE!
Another silly 'non-event' but nonetheless they were trying to use it for propaganda purposes.
But guess what? The beam fell off the truck in an accident and created one of the worst traffic nightmares in recent history!
All created by Trimet.
And last week a fare box fell off a maintenance vehicle closing the steel bridge.
On the one hand they continue to manufacture all this crazy pro Trimet propaganda and on the other hand they continually shoot themselves in the foot!
How long do we have to put up with these overpaid buffoons?

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