Sunday, April 28, 2013

Twitter conversation about Trimet tyranny excluding bloggers at negotiations.

I agree with you Michael but if your there I know we will get facts not propaganda.

is ruthless and unaccountable. Take what we can get from these mofo's!

we have to remember who we're dealing with. Unethical and totalitarian. I just want the truth. As long as we get that fine!

who gets the real story is irrelevant. Have to accept their tyranny

joe is good (lately) but he is paid by the Oregonian. You report to yourself and everything you've written has been fair

although I take exception to u being so lenient on the management

ok Lane u do what u gotta do. Doesn't bother me at all and u know I like the way u r

i know who these people r lane. You can't beat them. They got the $ and personnel to always get their way

can't handle Critism. It's not allowed. They hate that we watching them so closely. They don't want us around

me and u r the two most vocal critics. We r a threat to them of course they don't us there

and don't forget Ellen Fox was included in that list of bloggers.
Ellen Fox is also banned from Trimet negotiations

keeps proving us right over and over. If they ignore us they r hoping we will go away---WRONG!

and Stedman just proved who he is. An egomaniac who thinks the world revolves around him. He a perfect for for

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