Friday, April 26, 2013

Today's "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
tests the limits of my parenting/employment/planning abilities. timing is everything.
Those fuckers at trimet chose the wrong day GODDAMN
lololol Driver: You cut all your hair off~! Amy: I have a twin who lives on 39th and Couch. Driver: OH.

*pulling into Washington square on the 78. Someone pulls the bell cord* Well now it's official. We have to stop.

Seriously? You're gonna take your shoes off while on the bus on a warm day?

Lady has her dog out of it's carrier on the bus. Says the dog is sweating. Dog isn't panting. That's how they sweat BTW. 

Do people say "Big Pink" to refer to the US Bancorp tower? I did this morning, and the TriMet dispatcher had no idea what I meant.

I ride trimet way too fucking much

my favorite part about the 78 degree weather in is that busses still have the heaters on.

I thought WES was supposed to have low ridership. Trying it today and there’s standing-room only.

There's a blind person and an old lady fighting over front of the bus seating and its taken 15 minutes to go 20 blocks...on a bus.

Love it when the Trimet driver calls me "hon"

He's only allowing the standers 6 inches of space between them. The back half of the bus has 7 crowded people and the front's empty.

My bus driver is a maniac who won't let anyone speak and we're now parked at a stop because he can hear someone's headphones.

So far I see no Chinese people (cc: ) (at Old Town/Chinatown MAX Station)

Burn scar @ TriMet Bus Stop #13658

Fuck trimet.

Gee advertising about how easy it is to catch bed bugs on the side of a bus is real enticing for pubic transportation, smooth move trimet

Have to make it through 2 more weeks of riding Trimet and then I never have to deal with this joke of a transit system again.

Why oh why do the bus drivers not update their route signs. Because of this now I'm on the wrong bus. Thanks

all riders should stop paying fares until you get your shit together and provide the service we all pay too much for.

I would love to see your Best Practices doc. Clearly priorities and standard operations do not apply to provide decent service.

switching train 229 operator at 845am on a Friday morning is amazing. What the fuck? Service gets more ridiculous everyday.

only bus on line 84 is broke down in Gresham transit driver thinks starter went out

public transit bus driver interview questions. "Are you a sadistic douchebag with a god complex? Excellent, you're hired."

Really 9902. Literally wait for my bus to pull in behind you, me to get off & start walking up, and then leave. Really?

#31 can never be on time. I just watched it sail by from across the street 3 mins early, speeding. Next one in 33 mins. TY so much!

I want a Tshirt that says "I survived line 4 of at rush hour." I think I've goddamn earned that bitch.

Trimet's New Motto: “: Real eyes Realize Real lies”

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