Tuesday, April 23, 2013


All of this information is contained within a 'consent' agenda. Each one of these items should require its own agenda discussion. But as we know, Trimet executives try to keep everything out of the public domain, and this is another example

This is from a resolution which will be passed by the puppets tomorrow:

Intergovernmental Transfers
• TriMet budgeted several intergovernmental transfers in FY11-12 that did not occur until FY12-13. Intergovernmental transfers do not occur until certain defined conditions have been met. It had been anticipated that $3,700,000 in funding exchanges would be disbursed in late FY11-12. However all conditions were not met until early FY12-13 and thus the expense was not recorded and funds were not disbursed until July and August 2012. Funds for intergovernmental transfers are in the Operating Programs – Capital Project Division and will be transferred from Contingency.
Union Retiree Medical Premium Reimbursement
• Based upon the binding interest award in July 2012, TriMet will implement its revised union medical plan retroactive to December 1, 2009, the first day of the now-expired labor agreement. This results in union employee and retiree medical costs both due to and from TriMet. Settlement of these issues is now pending before the Oregon Court of Appeals and the Employment Relations Board. Accounting rules require TriMet to separately account for the receivable from employees and retirees and the payable requirement to reimburse the same groups. On the payable side, the $3,600,000 requirement to reimburse union employees and retirees was not known, and thus not included in the FY12-13 budget. (bullshit that was known) This amount will be transferred from Contingency to Operating Program – Operations Division.

• TriMet has been served with various lawsuits that were not anticipated at the time the FY12-13 budget was adopted. It is highly unlikely that these lawsuits will be settled or fully adjudicated before the end of the current fiscal year. However, current accounting rules require TriMet to estimate and record a liability in the accounting period we become aware of the potential liability. Personal injury and property damage claims are expensed in the Operating Program – Operations Division. $3,000,000 is being moved from Contingency related to these items.

DMAP Contracted Transportation
• TriMet is the regional coordinator of Medicare provided transportation through a 100% reimbursement contract with the Department of Medical Assistance Programs (“DMAP”). More trips are now projected to be provided in FY12-13 than were included in the current budget. Additional appropriation authority of $1,400,000 is now needed for DMAP even though it will be fully reimbursed. Funds will be transferred from Contingency to Operating Program – Operations Division.

Barbur Transit Center Improvements
• TriMet leases the Barbur Transit Center from ODOT. Last fiscal year TriMet contractors constructed a series of improvements at the Transit Center. A transfer from Contingency to Capital Program – Operations Division of $800,000 is needed to cover change orders previously approved by the Board. TriMet is fully reimbursed for these costs by ODOT.

Non-Union Wage Increase(lane Jensen says this is a clause that authorizes additional raises to executives, the language is  intentionally confusing)
• Consistent with past practice, FY12-13 non-union wage adjustments were not included in individual department budgets, or funds appropriated, because the specifics of the wage adjustment were not known at the time the budget was finalized. Funds are now needed from Contingency to cover the additional expense. The total value of the non-union wage increase is $910,000. However, additional appropriation authority is not needed for the Light Rail Program to cover the increase, as offsetting savings have been identified within that program. $674,000 is needed from Contingency to cover the additional expense in nine divisions.
Electronic Fare Implementation Project

• Electronic fare implementation is moving ahead faster than was anticipated when the FY12-13 was developed. This is strictly a timing issue and does not reflect a change in the total project cost. A transfer of $500,000 from Contingency is needed in the Operating Program – Finance & Administration Division.

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