Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today's "seen and heard on Trimet" (weekend edition)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Why oh why do the bus drivers not update their route signs. Because of this now I'm on the wrong bus. Thanks
getting a ride >>>> thankyou lord trimet is nooot wassup -_

My phone's about to die and Trimet is dumb. This is my last known location, just in case I die. -.-""""

Dear Trimet. We're fighting.

Now the driver is sitting in the bus and still won't let me on. I am a little cranky tonight, but COME ON. Let me in. I'm cold

Or, more accurately, will not bother spending more money to use the app if I’ve already just bought paper tickets.

Now would be a good time for to say I’m in the mobile beta, because I have one bus ticket left and won’t need the app if I buy more.

I wish the 58 ran later on the weekends. I'd get home so much quicker.

Now I wonder if this 20 driver tonight will let people in the bus during his layover or not...

Hey! People do actually play with the creepy head things that are at the WES platform.

what did Trimet do now?

Props to the friendly driver of line 12/34 for remembering I wanted to transfer to the 20, and telling me how to get to Gateway!

I'm missing my besties something fierce today. Trimet doesn't reach them.

Fuck you trimet!!!!!

. or at least make it just say ERROR when planning any route involving the 15 getting you to a connecting bus on time

. please put a banner saying "FOR RECREATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, VOID IN PORTLAND OREGON" at the top of .

Holy shit, a pre-2010 TriMet bus model. Is this a time distortion?

Gave my gas money to some homeless woman. Trimet home it is.


My options tomorrow: 40 minutes early to work or 5 minutes late. Thanks for planning around the lunch hour, you crack team.

155 driver skips Hospital going to CTC. Smooth move.

7001 decided to take his break a couple stops before the layover

Just witnessed bus 2905 commit reckless driving @ corner of Burnside & Cesar Chavez. Blocking traffic, no signaling, cut us off.

Man some of these people on the max.. I couldn't do trimet on a regular basis

The box of trash is still at Stop 11852..............

To top it all off my bus is late thanks

How am I supposed to buy a when both ticket machines at my station aren't working??

Once again waiting on a very late bus and going to be late for plans. Thanks Trimet! You really make my life easier, not.

Currently angry at because the machine at 60th MAX won't take cash so I can't ride the train (legally). Machines suck.

I being on the bus. It's fun watching all the weird and different ass people on there

Hi, it's me again. How about ALL westbound trains go ALL THE WAY to Hillsboro after 9pm? You can call it LOGIC!

Hanging with tha creepers. (at ) —

Trimet got fair checkers at every max stop

Those fuckers at trimet chose the wrong day GODDAMN

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