Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trimet reform bills getting through committees

For all the arrogance of the Trimet aristocrats their days of complete non accountability may be coming to an end, maybe. Kitzhaber is in the way of course. How do we get Trimet out of the hands of the aristocrats is the big question

Kitzhaber said the TriMet board reform bill is not likely to pass this session.
“I think there are problems with TriMet, and I intend to aggressively pursue them,” the governor said. “I think that it’s an organization that’s very challenged. I don’t think that just changing the way the board is appointed will change very much.”

“People in Clackamas County have spoken loud and clear,” Fagan said. “They want to have local control, and this bill takes the power away from Metro and puts it back in the hands of Clackamas residents.”
Sen. Chip Shields (D-North/Northeast Portland) spoke in favor of the TriMet reforms, but his speech sounded similar to many of those delivered by Clackamas County ACT proponents.
“The more democracy the better, and the public interest is best served when it’s closer to the people,” Shields said

Mcfarlane of course likes it the way it is:
“These have been difficult times and we are doing our best to serve our customers and get our fiscal house in order,” McFarlane told the committee, “And our board is suited to the task. Changing the appointment of the board doesn’t create more revenue or reduce costs by itself that allows us grow more service.” 

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