Monday, April 29, 2013

Today's "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Now the driver is sitting in the bus and still won't let me on. I am a little cranky tonight, but COME ON. Let me in. I'm cold
it's affecting more of your service than that. buses not showing up all along 5th

Another day, another asshole driver. Unreal.

Wow fuck trimet be ticket was expired for only 30 minutes... That is horse shit.

Hipster claims he can't afford fare. He should be saving to buy more gears for his bike.

buses be smelling like a meat market

Just had to move so dicknuts could hang his fixie. Your bike hangers are enabling the aged , .

No, it's cool, my boss doesn't care if i actually show up...

There's always police at Beaverton transit center.

u guys suck! Ur machine is always broken on 10th!!!!

Driver morale is super fucked at . likes to mention generous bennies but what about the terrible work environment?`

Fucking TRIMET always making me late to SCHOOL

Why is there always some smelly mother fucker that sits by me on the bus..

Damn $5 for All day trimet and they took away fareless square, P-Town muertando me

when busses leave 8min late or never come it fucks up commutes spectacularly.  

Spotted a guy taking furtive puffs from an electronic cigarette on the 14 bus.

Some trimet drivers are chill as fuck and just hook it up. Shame they all can't be that way. It's not even 8:30 yet.

Hey operator of MAX to Hillsboro, you CLEARLY saw me coming. You couldn't leave the doors open for 10 more seconds?!

ya'll. I know I celebrate with an extra morning bong rip before my commute!

Day 10 on (public trans.) & I finally got a seat on a new MAX. It’s an empty one today.

Everyone on trimet is just so ugly

Trimet needs to fix the back of there bus Number sign things.

I seriously fucking hate trimet

"Holy shit. Hot bus driver" are the last words I thought would come out of my mouth this morning. Or ever. #19

Dear rider, if you have to speak aloud while reading a book, perhaps the audio book would be better.

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