Sunday, April 28, 2013


Trimet shows the public it's true side, over and over and over.
Trimet didn't used to be such a tyrannical organization under the leadership of Fred Hansen.
Ya Fred was only interested in Fred but he did have ethics and Trimet under his leadership operated as an ethical organization. Being an employee during Fred's entire stewardship and three years under the ruthless Mcfarlane I can make this determination.

Mcfarlane came in and everything changed.
Mcfarlane decided to make union employees his sworn enemy and brought this hatred into the public forum which has created an institutionalization of a disrespectful workplace with much of the public thinking we get too much for what he do. (or did in my case)
He decided to break his commitments to his union retirees which in turn has caused suffering for all the people that worked hard for Trimet for years of their lives.

He decided to treat passengers as criminals with Gestapo like fare inspections imposing a ridiculously over priced fine for a $2.50 fare evasion.

Mcfarlane decided to break long standing procedures and has intentionally violated employment laws in dealing with the union.

Now we have that fat hack Stedman cursing at the union officers because the officers suggested that bloggers be allowed to attend meetings. We already know that the 'cult' of Trimet cannot handle criticism since Mcfarlane came into power.
Fat hack Steadman on left

And the coup De grace was the 'secret' raises. That more than anything else shows just how out of control Trimet really is. It's one con after another with the current gaggle of Trimet execs.

This is who Trimet is today. Is it any wonder that I get angry when watching activist speeches praising Trimet.

This current crew in charge deserves nothing but scorn

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