Friday, March 1, 2013


Now they want to completely end service on Evergreen and Basline? WTF?
I understand that the pin heads at Trimet have to justify their jobs and all, but to continually screw the public in order to justify their employment is unconscionable. This change is ridiculous because it duplicates the 67
I also have been informed since Willow Creek only accommodates 2 bus lines that it has become virtually abandoned. Nothing like eliminating transit hubs right?
How much more damage will be inflicted on the riders stuck with Trimet as their only source of transportation.
One thing Trimet has been successful at is getting people back into their cars.
What a shame.

Current route 47

And now they propose this silliness:
TriMet is proposing changes to Line 47-Baseline/Evergreen to improve ridership and reduce duplication of service. (unbelievable nonsense comes out of Trimet)The new route is proposed to run on NW 174th Ave. and NW Laidlaw, Kaiser and Springville roads, and will end at PCC Rock Creek.
Proposed 47


The Chauffeur said...

I'll be talking about this on my show tonight. Would you like to be on as a guest?

Al M said...

Of course!

Cameron Johnson said...

Where in the fuck are you hearing this? O.o Baseline is a massive corridor in Hillsboro.

Al M said...

Cameron, stay calm!
The evergreen/basline corridor is not exactly 82nd avenue, but they are removing service completely on it!

And duplicating the 67!

They have had service on that corridor for decades, now its gonna be gone.

I saw it happen on the 67 when they eliminated Saturday (trimmed) and Sunday.

People had their entire lives uprooted.
And that is what will happen on 47!

Cameron Johnson said...

I'm not foaming at the mouth, but I didn't see this anywhere on TriMet. Where did you see this?

Al M said...

TriMet: Line 47-Baseline/Evergreen Feedback

Cameron Johnson said...

...That's strange. It's not on the alerts Page, yet it's the only line needing feedback? Is it only the 47 being looked at?

Cameron Johnson said...

Al, we're idiots. It's going from Hillsboro to PCC. See the blue line? It's going to go Baseline, 229th Drive, Evergreen, 185th, Bronson, 174th,Laidlaw, Kaiser, Springfield and PCC. It's service to Oak Hills that will be eliminated.

Al M said...

Cameron the 47 does NOT duplicate the blue line!
People live and work along the 47 bus line.
They are about to get creamed.

Oak hills is served by 67 on one end and 52 on the other

Cameron Johnson said...

Al. The map on the alert Page. It has blue lines, and two gray lines. The map segment that is blue will have service still. The gray 47 line will be the discontinued 47, along Cornell and Oak Hills. The new 47 will run Hillsboro-PCC Rock Creek.

And give me some credit, I know the 47 isn't even close to being near the Blue Line.

Al M said...

Maybe I am getting confused, do you support the change or condemn it?

Cameron Johnson said...

"Maybe I am getting confused"

understatement of 2013.

I don't know how I can be clearer. TriMet is not eliminating service along Baseline and Evergreen. It is eliminating it along Cornell, where it duplicates the 48, and Oak Hills loop.

The line with run on its normal route between HILLSBORO AND 185TH AVENUE, then it will pick up the new segment.

This new route I do support, but I don't support removing it on Baseline and Evergreen. Thankfully, TriMet isn't doing that.

Sorry for getting snappy, but it's frustrating to repeat the same thing three times.

Al M said...

Hey man, I aint no youngin!
I get easily confused, especially since I didn't understand what you were trying to say.

I think I am missing something here so I better go take a better look at the maps.

Al M said...

And Cameron, "the understatement of 2013?"


Next thing you'll be yelling at me instead of Warner!

Cameron Johnson said...

I'm not angry. I'm just easily amused is all.

Al M said...

I do like your style Cameron, no bullshit coming out of your stuff