Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 'real' story

 (from a reader)
"Has anyone done any research into non union perks?" , this "is" the million dollar question, especially if you have over 70 non-union employees that make $100,000 or more, but that doesn't included benefits. Out of those 70+ what is there benefits packages,100% or 90/10 or the advertised 85/15? Plus, what impact does this have on the op costs, like they say the union contract has(since, salaries are part of the op cost)?? Maybe the Audit will uncover this and make it public? This "is" the story that Joe Rose "will not" touch, he is only concerned about op using cell phones, LOL what a joke hack!
The real story is why do they owe $900 million dollars towards union retirement benefits, and why are they trying so hard to get out of it. This is why they have been spinning everything on the union since the $175,000 dollar man came into the picture, "it's the union's fault" is their talking point, we have to do cut backs (when we don't have to),and blame the union. We claim that we have a shortfall (when we don't)and blame it on the union (while we take 3%+  raises at the same time). Contracting the system and expanding at the same time while claiming "broke",its all the union contract, no its business as usual. Remember, they have a full "spin" department, that works 247 on "all" things led by that $175,000 guy.
"You can fool some of the people sometime, but not all of the people all of the time."

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