Monday, December 22, 2014

Gawd Love em

What a Joke this is
I know they hate my guts and would probably celebrate if I died but sometimes I really am surprised by their complete absurdity.

I sent a public records request requesting ridership information and they tell me I can't file a public records request except through my attorney because "I am represented party in a case against Trimet"

That happens to be wrong because I was excluded from that lawsuit over road relief pay on a technicality.

In any event what does it have to do with ridership statistics?

What do you expect from these people? 

Honesty? NOPE!
Accountability? NOPE!

Their arrogance is astounding. The fact of the matter is there is nothing I or anybody can do about any of it.

-------------------- Request Info ----------------------

I am interested in: Obtaining records

Requested records:
Ridership statistics before 1999

Request involving Civil Judicial Proceeding?

Case name, court docket number, attorney's name and any other identifying information:

Request involving Claims Notice?

TriMet claims number, claimant's name and incident date:

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