Monday, December 1, 2014

It turns out that very few people actually use the red line to the airport

Thanks to the always superb research of MICHAEL ANDERSON  we are finding out that Trimet's share of airport traffic is a puny 6% of all people going to the airport.
 Even I was surprised to hear this. 
We are all subjected to the non stop Trimet propaganda machine which never stops bragging about its wonderfulness so many of us assumed that  'most' people took the red line to the airport.
The power of propaganda is revealed yet again.
What's even more interesting is the fact that rental cars are more than double transit use.
 I always thought that most visitors to this city didn't bother getting cars since Portland is "care free and car free".
Yet Another myth debunked
You can read the full report HERE

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Erik H. said...

What's even more pathetic is that even if you make transit free, that the ridership would only increase 1%! And if you double the cost of parking, it would only increase MAX usage 2% but would make more people just drop people off and pick them up on the terminal roadway. It really is an enlightening view that MAX is all but insignificant to the transportation needs of the airport.

What TriMet/Metro don't realize (or refuse to accept) is that PDX is not just an airport for the metro area, it is THE airport for a 100 mile radius; whereas MAX serves a tiny amount of the overall PDX market. I guess, like bicycling in Portland, they'll trump it up as "better than anyone else!" but it's still hundreds of millions of dollars that was spent, basically so that a private developer could build yet another strip mall, IKEA, Target, and a few other retail buildings, that mostly serve Washington residents who want to skip out on paying their local sales tax. And, who use I-205 and not MAX.