Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Trimet facebook

I just love the Trimet Facebook page! They got the greatest comments at their page. Of course my favorite comments are from people that are not so in love with our 'world famous' transit system.
And the people that absolutely love Trimet are funny themselves with their silly adoring ideas.

It's a goddamn public transit system, that's all. You get what you get, 1/2 the time its shit and 1/2 the time it functions properly. There is nothing magical about Trimet.

I don't usually comment on their page, and if I do its usually something benign. I try to be 'nice' when visiting other peoples web sites. I do 'like' the critics posts tho, gotta give those folks encouragement to speak up

This post was about new years eve service. Generally speaking there are more 'fans' than critics. A lot of Portlanders have drunk the cool aid
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