Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Trimet rail programs losing riders big time-WES down 11%

WES ridership is down an astounding 11%! That's 3 months in a row now of sliding ridership. 
And the MAX continues losing riders with a 4.2% decline from last years figures.

Bus ridership, long the real workhorse of Trimet,  is the only thing keeping overall ridership steady at Trimet. Although Mcfarlane tells the board that increase is due to the so called 'high frequency' service additions the truth is that all bus service is up including the bus service that is not high frequency.

Trimet continues bucking the national trend in ridership yet those sock puppets totally ignore the facts and hand Mcfarlane and his band of loser managers raises.

It's nice to be an unaccountable bureaucrat.  Your job performance means nothing.

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