Wednesday, December 17, 2014

re-to all you assholes riding trimet.. (portland)

Tri-met riders and riding conditions are one of the main causes of people driving unlicensed, un-insured, suspended, unregistered, etc... All because these repeat asshole parasites make it so fucking miserable on Tri-Met that risking fines, jail and more fines is more feasible than dealing with the shit that occurs dealing with Tri-met. I was doing time in jail for kicking an assholes ASS and a lot of the suspended driver detainees stated over and over that jail was better than riding that infested crapfest and that they would risk jail again to avoid riding that mess. I have not been on it for about a decade and hear it is worse. People say entering the door of Tri-met is like turning yourself in to an enemy war detention camp.

I won't even get in to the misery a certain special RACE of people cause on Tri-met.

Most Tri-met experienced riders will risk jail, fines and worse to avoid riding a Tri-met bus ever again.

I can attest that at least one Tri-met driver is a psycho schyzo freak that has been institutionalized and attempts suicide and is such a freak her own kids won't talk to her. She's such a nasty vile bitch that her own caged animals gave up. So much for background checks eh? Hi sis!
re-to all you assholes riding trimet.. (portland)

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