Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shirley Block

Bruce Hansen Wants to Keep Silence Me. Why??

All, I want you to know if you looked in the Labor Press dated December 05, 2014 you will see I have no article but I sent one in on 11.19.14 at 7:13 PM in time to be placed in the paper but Bruce Hansen pulled it with no word at all to me. I feel this is wrong so I will send out via face book, My Blog and email.
From: shirley block []
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2014 7:13 PM
Subject: December Larbor Press

U = UNITE, We should be as one.
N = Nonsense (The nonsense never stops)
I = Indeed we could do better by coming together for all of our brothers/sisters.
O = Open your eyes, look at what’s happening to us.
N = Never let management team divide us again.

They think they have won because we voted against the employees that are not here yet. Their plan is already in motion for those new employees to throw us under the bus when it comes to our medical and retirement. I guarantee right out of the bag they will offer them a little jingle but pull it out of our pockets.

Just like the blocked runs that are saving them millions. Keep looking I will continue to say it will be coming to other work groups. They will call it business needs just like SOP 700. It’s not in place to keep an employee safe.

 It was put in place to save the company money and that’s what it does. If you work a person for under three hours cut them off the clock. They drive home, come back to work to do a shift. Work the shift drive back home. That is four trips to/from work in one day. Your blood pressure goes up, your sleep pattern is thrown off, you are in a high state of mind and by the way you got to go out there and smile and pretend things are great.

Don’t let an angry passenger get in your face. Now you blood pressure is really up. Be careful you know we don’t have the coverage we use to. It’s going to cause you a little bit more OUT OF POCKET.

Every department is going to suffer. We see no department Director or Manager wanting to step out of the box and make a decision. 

Fear factor. Still waiting on MOA in the IDP department, Station Agents/ Supervisors incorrect pay, grievances hanging out that can be resolved if they wanted to work together. If you let things hang on the side line for so long it will turn like a cancer and eat right through you. 

There is preventive medicine out there it’s called NEW LEADER SHIP. A dear friend told me sweetie’s word in the English language is “I Told You SO”. I sure hope I can venture long enough to see how this saga plays out. 

For anyone interested or GM has given himself a nice raise of $290,164 & 11 weeks’ vacation. He got his last 3 percent raise in 2012. He has raised fares to the public, cut child/elder care, destroyed our medical and forgot about the retirees.
Shirley Block

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