Monday, December 29, 2014

Mulligans Stew

Had lunch with one of my most favorite Trimet bus drivers. Yes its Tim Mulligan, now a retiree.
Of course we shared stories of our Trimet days. Tim having really been part of the Trimet culture had some very fascinating stories, one of which was his recent visit to the new center street.

What got him the most was the level of security at Trimet now. He reminisced about the days when Tom Walsh and Fred Hansen were in charge

Tom Walsh had a literal 'talk to Tom" day where he would leave his office door open and any Trimet employee could walk right in and chat with Tom. No appointment needed. I even remember that.

He then related a story about Fred Hansen. Tim was a huge advocate for bike racks on the buses and he used to get on Fred's case to get those installed.
He remembered how Fred would actually bring progress reports to him while he was driving the bus. Fred had a serious dialog with Tim about that issue!

I remember Fred well, Fred was never afraid of criticism and the Trimet management was very reasonable with my  blogging.

That all changed when Mcfarlane took over.  

Now TRIMET operates like a division of the NSA, can't go anywhere behind the locked doors. Mcfarlane has himself and his technocrats completely disassociated with the people that actually do the work

Tim joined the list of disaffected bus drivers that left a company they once respected but that respect turned into disdain 

Not that Trimet gives one shit what any 'bus driver' actually thinks, cause they don't. (the execs in charge)

Tim got some great stories, too bad I didn't have the video on.
The video below is the one he made for Trimet

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