Thursday, February 25, 2016

44% 'somewhat approve' of Trimet

Somewhat approve? 
"Strongly approve" is only 1:4 people, not exactly a huge vote of confidence

Of course the mainstream media headlines are 72% of Portland residents approve of Trimet!
This is the typical BS we see coming out of Trimet with the mainstream media stooges reprinting whatever they are told to.

Always suspicious of these so called polls. 

It's definitely used for propaganda purposes to justify the huge salaries paid to unelected technocrats that run the transit system with zero public accountability.

This POLL is very general in nature and given the fact that the vast majority of the public is unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts issues surrounding Trimet operations the result is pretty 

What's not to like right?

It sucks less than many other transit districts in the USA I suppose.

However I bet if a poll was conducted with the following questions,

1-Do you think the Trimet board should be an elected position?
yes or no, 
 The majority would vote yes 

2-Do you think Trimet should continue expanding
yes or no

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