Friday, February 19, 2016

Move a foot to bring transparency to the Trimet TDA process

 If you're an operator at tri-met and you wish to take an unpaid day off you must file  what is called a TDA!  That means ' turn down approved'

 The way the TDA process works now is that it is the soul domain  of the  "station agent ".

The station agents handout these TDA's to their favorite people as they see fit

Scott Q is attempting to change this process from being a perk that the station agents hand out to whomever they please to an organized list that allows every operator an equal chance to have a TDA

 The only question I have is why has it taking so long  to bring this up?

Scott Q  wants a public list of every  operator who has received a TDA  in the past year.

How many drivers are getting favors while other drivers get screwed.

This needs to be codified process.

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