Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ATU757 constitutional amendment


Al M said...

Chris Day comments:

Dear President Shirley Block,

I want to address your email and the proposed ATU Constitution & General Laws Amendment. It appears that you are presenting similar to a bylaws change. In your heading on the post letter it states “First Reading ATU Local 757 Business Meetings February 2016, Vote at March Meetings.” I must ask that if this is being presented similar to a bylaws change then shouldn’t the heading also indicate a statement about a second reading and discussion? Please identify where in our bylaws or International Constitution and General Laws that it states to handle a Constitutional Amendment in such a manner.

Is this just a song and dance you are doing to let the retirees think you are actually attempting to do something for them?

Please identify where it states in our bylaws or International Constitution and General Laws about who can and/or cannot vote on contracts.

If our contract identified eligible members permitted to vote on the contract wouldn’t that fix things so retirees can vote on retirement issues? If not please explain why.

From what I am reading in our bylaws and International Constitution and General Laws I get the strong impression that both are addressing how to govern and run our organization and it doesn’t appear to address the content of contracts or how to process them. Please give me examples where either one makes any reference towards contracts when involving active and/or retired members in good standing.

I feel that adding the statement “and on any contract tentative agreement that may affect their pension income or other retirement related benefit” is not the correct fix for our retirees issue at hand. I feel that there has not been enough research on this matter and that it is not being handled correctly. The statement added can be argued that this will allow retirees to put a stop to a contract approval if the retirees do not approve of the retirement structure within the contract. Though I agree that retirees need to find a way to have say about the retirement sections of our contracts I do not agree that retirees can put an entire contract at risk. There must be more research on this along with a better structure on how it can be handled so that we can have a successful solution for all members.

I want it made clear that this is a Constitutional Amendment and the members voting at the local level are only voting to have you present it at the International Convention. that there is no requirement for you to present this Amendment in the manner that you are, that it doesn’t require two-thirds of local members for it to be presented to International and that International delegates at the Convention that you present it must approve it with two-thirds. I will continue to question your research about this matter and I hope you are able to help provide supporting documents that the steps you are taking are correct steps to be taking.

Thank You

Christopher Day


Al M said...

Shirley did respond stating she will answer these questions at the next charter meetings.

Bob Cummings said...

Christopher Day is so good at picking something apart with little or no merit, but does little to address the issues. Day likes to read what he writes and listen to himself talk. Sure doesn't sound like he will do anything to help retirees. If he knew anything he would know the changes need to be at the international level and would help to protect members nationwide. But then too Christopher Day is out for his glory at the cost of the rest of us.