Thursday, February 11, 2016

Remember when Trimet promised new more reliable schedules

Guess what? They lied, real time

As ofVehicleBlockLine/DestinationE/LLoadPrev stopTrack
5:58 PM2105640264 To Tigard TC-13:160%8213 (18)Track
5:58 PM2109660566 Hollywood TC-15:190%7459 (18)Track
5:58 PM2110351335 To Oregon City TC-17:430%6314 (53)Track
5:58 PM2119960996 To Mohawk P&R-16:280%13050 (9)Track
5:58 PM2125190219 112th via 32nd-Rex-12:080%3921 (19)Track
5:58 PM2145351435 Greeley to Univ Portland-17:510%3535 (26)Track
5:58 PM21474174 Gresham TC-20:360%1435 (16)Track
5:58 PM22014414 Gresham TC-10:360%4818 (151)Track
5:58 PM2207724472 Swan Island-16:000%2202 (104)Track
5:58 PM2208123512 Parkrose TC-14:070%5051 (80)Track
5:58 PM2216194419 To 112th via 28th-17:510%4964 (47)Track
5:58 PM2229194219 To 112th via 28th-11:160%5239 (44)Track
5:58 PM2230203620 Gresham TC-19:3770%9526 (47)Track
5:58 PM2233123712 Parkrose TC-21:230%212 (17)Track
5:58 PM2234243524 To Emanuel Hosp-23:250%8194 (49)Track
5:58 PM2235179917 To SE 134th-20:070%3397 (5)Track
5:58 PM2249143514 To 94-Foster-12:300%7651 (22)Track
5:58 PM2149040Red Line to Beaverton-10:13
8372 (8)Track
5:58 PM2265203920 Gresham TC-26:380%5425 (85)Track
5:58 PM2209040Red Line to Beaverton-10:13
8372 (8)Track
5:58 PM22939459 Gresham TC-10:310%3397 (7)Track
5:58 PM2294726072 Swan Island-15:46
7326 (81)Track
5:58 PM2489062Yellow Line to City Ctr/Milw-16:06
11507 (10)Track
5:58 PM22984444 Gresham TC-12:040%95 (50)Track
5:58 PM2305123612 Parkrose TC-22:300%792 (46)Track
5:58 PM23164354 Gresham TC-10:500%1439 (82)Track
5:58 PM3199062Yellow Line to City Ctr/Milw-16:06
11507 (10)Track
5:58 PM2501440744 Mocks Crest to St Johns-21:170%7803 (38)Track
5:58 PM25061011 Vermont via Maplewood-19:520%181 (17)Track
5:58 PM2507350235 Greeley to Univ Portland-20:170%3365 (60)Track
5:58 PM25098118 To NE Dekum-12:380%6834 (26)Track
5:58 PM25136116 Jantzen Beach-13:250%5956 (19)Track
5:58 PM2517940894 To Sherwood-19:260%8213 (9)Track
5:58 PM25194114 Gresham TC-10:100%1312 (137)Track
5:58 PM2523873587 To Gateway TC-23:150%10732 (58)Track
5:58 PM2531873687 To Gresham TC-17:360%10863 (46)Track
5:58 PM2536154315 To 92nd Ave-18:180%5017 (3)Track
5:58 PM2539154415 To 92nd Ave-26:31
436 (20)Track
5:58 PM25415435154 To Clackamas Heights-19:460%10496 (16)Track
5:58 PM2554773777 To Troutdale-13:450%13708 (19)Track
5:58 PM25604404 To St. Johns-19:0370%5375 (144)Track
5:58 PM2604160516 To Sauvie Island-16:290%1924 (17)Track
5:58 PM26104104 To St. Johns-10:350%1444 (67)Track
5:58 PM2611150715 Gateway TC-27:390%465 (7)Track
5:58 PM2613120512 Parkrose TC-15:250%5123 (32)Track
5:58 PM2615441144 Mocks Crest to St Johns-33:160%6298 (71)Track
5:58 PM2619441044 Mocks Crest to St Johns-35:180%9431 (91)Track
5:58 PM26214014 To St. Johns-12:020%80 (109)Track
5:58 PM2624160616 To Portland-18:290%3465 (19)Track
5:58 PM2627990299 To Portland-11:180%7800 (22)Track
5:58 PM2631960396 To Commerce Circle-41:320%13053 (8)Track
5:58 PM26336126 Jantzen Beach-10:190%2167 (13)Track
5:58 PM2634200120 Gresham TC-20:190%770 (18)Track
5:58 PM26351031 Vermont via Maplewood-12:170%13170 (33)Track
5:58 PM2638440999 To Clackamas College-11:520%9397 (8)Track
5:58 PM26398028 To NE Dekum-12:240%13708 (18)Track
5:58 PM2642930193 To Tigard TC-30:050%4308 (17)Track
5:58 PM2644171117 To SE 134th-13:050%2758 (69)Track
5:58 PM26484024 Gresham TC-13:460%1503 (106)Track
5:58 PM26516026 To 18th-Jefferson-10:500%3049 (45)Track
5:58 PM2652440644 Mocks Crest to St Johns-33:3570%8886 (40)Track
5:58 PM27048098 To NE Dekum-13:500%7773 (10)Track
5:58 PM2706969896 To Commerce Circle-50:510%10712 (6)Track
5:58 PM2707960196 To Commerce Circle-13:420%3049 (1)Track
5:58 PM27098138 To NE Dekum-14:0870%7751 (14)Track
5:58 PM27154044 To St. Johns-14:480%1841 (93)Track
5:58 PM2718150815 Gateway TC-10:110%5017 (37)Track
5:58 PM2719120612 Parkrose TC-11:470%10793 (20)Track
5:58 PM27216096 Jantzen Beach-17:490%5932 (40)Track
5:58 PM2725770577 To Troutdale-13:240%10870 (33)Track
5:58 PM2802526852 To Beaverton TC-16:030%6981 (34)Track
5:58 PM2803936994 To Portland-14:260%11030 (28)Track
5:58 PM2813526752 To PCC-Rock Creek-11:030%6984 (21)Track
5:58 PM2815586758 To Beaverton TC-17:300%3049 (3)Track
5:58 PM2820477247 To PCC Rock Creek-13:060%9602 (12)Track
5:58 PM2823527152 To Beaverton TC-22:240%1671 (47)Track
5:58 PM2826127012 Parkrose TC-12:440%211 (10)Track
5:58 PM2827527292 South Beaverton Exp-19:49
1927 (5)Track
5:58 PM2828566956 To Washington Square-12:560%5200 (35)Track
5:58 PM2902850185 To Rose Quarter TC-21:43^0%11845 (11)Track
5:58 PM2905556755 To Raleigh Hills-11:060%9544 (49)Track
5:58 PM2906547056 To Washington Square-26:520%13170 (1)Track
5:58 PM2910386938 To Portland-22:090%1930 (61)Track
5:58 PM2911126712 Parkrose TC-25:210%5044 (53)Track
5:58 PM2913206720 Gresham TC-34:160%770 (58)Track
5:58 PM2922366936 To Tualatin P&R-20:170%3605 (21)Track
5:58 PM2923547154 To Portland-31:250%331 (16)Track
5:55 PM2939547254 To Beaverton TC-14:3470%12944 (43)Track
5:58 PM3009203820 Gresham TC-13:590%712 (34)Track
5:58 PM3017195019 Gateway TC-15:300%2158 (86)Track
5:58 PM3023873487 To Gresham TC-47:120%9061 (39)Track
5:58 PM30304464 To St. Johns-14:070%1612 (84)Track
5:58 PM30329499 Gresham TC-17:340%4641 (17)Track
5:58 PM3033153715 Gateway TC-20:150%6168 (57)Track
5:58 PM3034873787 To Rockwood-35:060%9107 (18)Track
5:58 PM3041104010 To 94-Foster-24:520%2544 (35)Track
5:58 PM3042103710 To 94-Foster-13:430%1093 (13)Track
5:58 PM3044193919 Mt Scott-112th-14:370%1761 (89)Track
5:58 PM31078108 To NE Dekum-17:530%1275 (44)Track
5:58 PM31166086 Jantzen Beach-35:260%5886 (33)Track
5:58 PM3119350135 To Oregon City TC-14:370%3614 (56)Track
5:58 PM3121120112 To Tigard TC-13:230%5119 (12)Track
5:58 PM3123850285 To Rose Quarter TC-10:490%2945 (10)Track
5:58 PM3131750493 To Tigard TC-12:590%3670 (1)Track
5:58 PM3132170717 To Saratoga-19:00
7190 (81)Track
5:58 PM3139440344 To St Johns-11:430%174 (32)Track
5:58 PM31416036 To Portland-14:010%5912 (35)Track
5:58 PM3146170417 To Saratoga-14:020%6218 (66)Track
5:58 PM31566076 Jantzen Beach-33:270%13635 (48)Track
5:58 PM3164440244 Mocks Crest to St Johns-22:540%4464 (65)Track
5:58 PM3165700270 To Milwaukie-11:210%6903 (77)Track
5:58 PM3167120712 Parkrose TC-13:210%792 (6)Track
5:58 PM31684124 Gresham TC-23:120%1314 (101)Track
5:58 PM3201150515 Gateway TC-21:160%2641 (38)Track
5:58 PM3203350835 Greeley to Univ Portland-11:420%1612 (58)Track
5:58 PM3207456745 To 16th & Jefferson-38:160%1926 (67)Track
5:58 PM3208566856 Downtown Only-25:240%2567 (47)Track
5:58 PM3222456945 To Tigard TC-27:340%1957 (29)Track
5:58 PM3232207020 Beaverton TC-16:560%742 (100)Track
5:58 PM3251206920 Beaverton TC-12:070%2268 (135)Track
5:58 PM3259487148 To Sunset TC-11:230%1183 (21)Track
5:58 PM3262351535 Greeley to Univ Portland-18:150%4496 (91)Track
5:58 PM3263150915 Gateway TC-12:240%7897 (68)Track
5:58 PM3264120212 Parkrose TC-29:300%5146 (81)Track
5:58 PM3301751614 To 94-Foster-19:130%2597 (5)Track
5:58 PM3307770177 To Troutdale-10:490%10125 (83)Track
5:58 PM3308751575 To Milwaukie-10:470%7476 (94)Track
5:58 PM3316700870 To Sunderlnd-10:130%9339 (78)Track
5:58 PM3317351235 University of Portland-10:380%5508 (29)Track
5:58 PM33228158 To NE Dekum-17:080%5027 (2)Track
5:58 PM33236106 Jantzen Beach-27:360%2175 (15)Track
5:58 PM3405510251 Council Crest-15:260%9708 (9)Track
5:58 PM3408390239 Lewis & Clark-13:360%5707 (15)Track
5:58 PM2008770677 To Troutdale-29:30^0%9472 (99)Track
5:58 PM20094164 Gresham TC-17:490%1475 (31)Track
5:58 PM2015350535 To Oregon City TC-18:540%5511 (73)Track
5:58 PM2017171417 To Saratoga-35:410%7185 (77)Track

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