Sunday, February 7, 2016

Trimet class-May 1997-Where are they now?

I happened to be digging through my stuff and ran across this picture. Almost 19 years ago now.

From left to right

 Ron Bellile
 Ron  stayed at Trimet  10 years. As soon as he qualified for the pension he got out of there. He didn't particularly like the job for many of the same reasons I didn't. He's retired now.  We stay in touch and are friends to this very day.

Jason Choi
Jason and I were pretty good pals while I was working at Trimet. I believe he is still a rail supervisor. Great guy always enjoyed his company and talking to him. Highly competent man . I attended a performance of his daughter playing the violin at the Shintzer auditorium once. Haven't seen him since I left Trimet but I'm sure if I ran into him it would be the same enjoyable meeting we always had when we ran into each other

John Barfield
John and I became pretty good friends. About 5 years into the job he had a stroke. I always believed that he worked himself to hard. . He started at Trimet I believe at 60, which is rather old .  I tried to convince him to stay part time with me but he needed the money. So he went full time as soon as he could and worked the extra board for about 4 years before his stroke. I knew him in his last days as I used to visit him at St Josephs. He never left St Josephs. He was dead about one month after being admitted to St Josephs. That stuck in my head for awhile.

I don't remember her last name. She was actually my training partner. I had been a transit driver 2 other times in my life so I knew what they job was all about. She was brand new. What I remember about her is that she constantly ran over curbs during the training. I was shocked that Trimet actually passed her through the training to be honest. I thought she was dangerous but I guess Trimet didn't agree cause she did pass. She was gone in several months. She had 4 PA's. Nice woman tho. Enjoyed her company.

Yes that is me. I left Trimet after 15 years. I had a trifecta when I retired. Never seen it before and probably will never see it again. It's karmic for sure. On my 15th anniversary, I went full time and retired. So if you ever read the express line you will know I hit 3 categories at once. 15 years service, from mini run to full time, and retired!  They didn't put my name in the express line. I guess they are trying to expunge my existence.  Actually  I never left Trimet, probably never will. The confluence of several forces combined during my time at Trimet which lead to the fascination which continues to this day. From the very 1st day there it seems like I was battling the management. Before social media I was writing short stories about my complaints. That's how I got to know Clyde Earl. I would write to him, very descriptively, and he responded. Then this thing called "video" started entering the mainstream. I became fascinated with filming my life at Trimet. I don't remember how that actually got started but the next thing you know I had camera's mounted to my sun visors and was filming my life as a bus driver. These movies started appearing on YouTube which lead to my interfacing with Trimet management on a whole other  level.
I was also driving the bus on the west side when Trimet was eliminating runs like the 89 and the 67. That's when what I considered to be my "activism" started. I saw the peoples lives being destroyed by Trimet. I was running YouTube Videos with riders talking to "fred". Management didn't like that and we were off to the races. This is a long involved story that I can't get into here.  One of these days I may just write that book.

I didn't know Chuck well but were were always friendly with each other when our paths crossed. He stayed a little over 10 years and took the retirement. I hardly knew anything about him and have no idea where he is today.

Jan was one spot behind me in seniority. She worked at Merlo where I did, Jan also stayed part time as I did. I believe Jan is still working there today. Never had the occasion to spend time with her so don't know much about her other than she was raising kids and working. From what I understand she is a very well liked driver

Jeanie Marson
Enjoyed the training with her very much.  We would see each other in the first years at Trimet but then I went to Merlo and only rarely ran into her after that. Lovely lady, always enjoyed her company when we did run into each other or talk on the phone.  She finally has retired I believe, 17 years ?

Theresa Norton
Had a good time training together. I think maybe she stayed part time too? I'm not sure. After the training I didn't see  her for years. The one time I did run into her we were not in a position to 'catch up'.

I believe the black gentleman's name was also Al. Nice guy , he left the training , never got a chance to ask him why.

Another classmate I had very little interaction with but we were always friendly when our paths did cross, which was hardly ever. TC went over to MAX fairly quickly if I remember. I believe he is still there.

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