Friday, February 19, 2016

Greg Johnson calls it quits

This man in the picture was actually the guy that 'trained' me at Trimet.
You know what impressed me about this man?
 His liberal use of the words "thank you".
He always said "thank you".
 I think he was trying to instill some sort of customer service consciousness. 
He's definitely one of the Trimet "good guys"!
39 years at Trimet.
That's a lifetime!

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Al M said...

He was a well like Trimet figure-here are some of the facebook comments

Fantastic guy and one of the best trainers!

He IS the best!!! Congratulations Greg!!!!

Well deserved

Great guy,congratulations

Good for him ENJOY!!

Greg is the BEST. He was my trainer. He is a special guy.

Happy retirement Greg johnson

my trainer-nice guy

TM is losing part of their foundation, their TRUE root of who they are supposed to be when Greg retires. This man is the kindest, gentlest, most humble human being you'll ever run across. His disarming smile and charm and relaxed nature melts away any

deserves all the best

Greg was talking about retirement when he was training me almost 16 years ago. Long awaited and well deserved. Thank you Greg for your service. You're gonna be missed!

Greg, what can I say, thank you for your training, instruction, and help, oh yes!! Thank you for introducing me to the 45!!!

TM is losing another pillar of the company.

Greg was my trainer also, not only an awesome trainer but I now know everything about the history of trimet and rose city transit

Imagine...Life beyond TriMet. What a concept!!! Greg always presented a positive, caring, respectful outlook. Always the educator. You will be sorely missed, Greg. Especially your smile and kind words. Have fun and stay in touch!!!