Friday, May 25, 2012

Here's a good idea for Trimet

MTA Sending Bus Managers To Hear Customer Suggestions -

I had a very interesting conversation with disability advocate Micheal Levine

Bus service for special needs students suspended due to strike


My thoughts on Heitzman/Hunt ticket

I pretty much have the same issues that everybody else has about the Hienzman/Hunt ticket.
But I do have to defend the both of them on one respect, THEY HAVE GOTTEN US A PRETTY DECENT CONTRACT up to now.
And if they win the arbitration, then they have proven to have outfoxed the Trimet management.
That is not something to be ashamed of, that is a big deal.

What exactly was the problem that Trimet had with Larry Porter saving the woman being beaten

He didn't follow this SOP:

Latest dispatch updates

Trimet over the airwaves-May 21-1:41PM-8:56PM
 Trimet over the airwaves-May 21/22-9pm-12:51pm
Trimet over the airwaves May 23/24-7:22pm-1:20pm
 Trimet over the airwaves May 24/25-1:20pm/1:02am
 Trimet over the airwaves May 22/23-12:51pm-7:22pm
 Trimet over the airwaves May 25-1:02am-11:54am

Trimet sets record

An astonishing number of part time operators were made full time during the last round-30 part timers were moved to full time, a new record

Trimet screwed itself

Remember a couple years back when Mcfarlane tried to instill panic among the troops?
There was a hiring freeze and voluntary leaves?
During that period people were retiring, getting fired, and quitting.
Now they are on a hiring binge and they can't quite catch up!
So what changed so drastically in those last 2 years?
Or was it all a bluff to scare the union employees and now they beg to get operators to fill runs?
There was never any explanation on why such a drastic turn of events.

Michael Conner comments

Does anyone else wonder how poorly did the Human resources job interviewer do their job that hired Ron Heintzman at the MV property that their campaign is claiming as Rons ATU employer. I can imagine the interview in my Mind.

HR INTERVIEWER: Mr Heintzman you seem to have not have put anything on your job application about past work history what have you been doing for work for the past twenty five years.

If you haven't seen this very creatve video its worth seeing

Note; I didn't make the video but I love the production. Truly a classic

Right Here!

Trimet handing out tickets like there is no tomorrow

TriMet: Fare enforcement continues

I'm definately going to take advantage of this

New bus service from Portland to Seattle starts at $1 one-way |

Ruling elite all fall into line

Milwaukie City Council to decide how to pay $4.1 light rail obligation |