Friday, January 18, 2013

OH BOY-LANE VS TRIMET-the saga continues

 (stop giving Lane Material, how hard is that)
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TriMet - Russ Bohanan PTL TriMet Way Award by portlandtransitlane


Al M said...

I know I shouldn't like this, that supervisor is a pretty decent guy.

But there is something about LANE messing with the GOLIATH called Trimet that is actually humorous.

rsb70 said...

Now I know firsthand why so many operators have taken issue with Lane. When he was recording buses coming and going I was fine with that. But when he decided to record an operator who was on her layover and conversing with me in the middle of Grrsham TC, that's when I pulled out my iPhone and aimed it at him. This got him flustered, so he went on the offensive. The funny thing is, I wasn't even recording him! I made it appear that I was, including notifying dispatch, to see how he likes it, which apparently he didn't. Anyway, had he not rudely interrupted myself and the operator, I certainly wouldn't have been rude to him. He is not my superior let alone a TriMet employee to begin with, so he has no business lecturing me on the Human Resources manual. As I told him when he was recording me without my expressed consent, he's more than welcome to report me. I've already notified my manager, lead, and union rep.
Al, you're supposed to be a Union brother. Why do you encourage anyone to hassle fellow union brothers abd sisters like he does? I'm just as unhappy and discouraged with the way we've been treated to past three years as you are. But going after frontline folks isn't helping matters. They aren't the ones who got TM into the mess it's in, regardless of what Neil or Randy or Mary have to say about it. All that's accomplished is flared tempers, and more stress added to an already stressful job. You of all people should know this because you did it for years.
So much for my dinner break this evening.

Al M said...

Lane does not report to me, but I'll see what I can do.

(don't you find this comic? It's so absurd that it becomes first rate comedy)

Lane J said...

Hey Russ, didn't your mother ever teach you that lying will get you in trouble? You said to me and dispatch in the video that you were videotaping. Now you're saying you weren't. How can anyone believe you now? So much for your credibility.

Barney Rubble said...

Tri-Met should just exclude lane...

Al M said...

I'm sure they would love to but can't find a valid reason to do it.

This video is harmless, no damage was done.

Cris Orlando said...

Al does not care about the fact that Lane adds stress to our already stressful job. He has said so many times. Lane quit your whining like Russ said he was trying to give the impression he was recording you to see how you liked it. Russ' credibility is just fine maybe you should ask him what it is like to have some.

Al M said...

I do care but I am not Lane's master. See post above this.

Cameron Johnson said...

If anything, the fact that you keep pimping and promoting and bragging about Lane is probably giving him more reason to do what he does, more justification, and even more hubris and ego. He isn't toppling TriMet, he's repeatedly attacking the parts of the machine that don't NEED it, and he is acting like he's king of the world over it. The fact that you keep acting like he is doesn't help. He's being nothing but a fame-hungry bully who is pushing around drivers for his own satisfaction. His actions and words are gradually leading me to believe this is true.

Al M said...

I respect your opinion Cam but I just Don't see why everybody jumps out of their skin when he's around,

It is amusing, what can I tell you, I really do enjoy the gnat circulating & pestering the elephant.

You know my history here Cam, it should be obvious to you why I am getting a kick out of Lane.

rsb70 said...

Responding to Lane's attack on my credibility, when you saw me on the phone after you walked away I was first speaking to my manager and then my immediate superior. I told them exactly what I had done, and even wrote it in my report that evening. Yes, I created the image or impression that I was recording you to see how you would like it. You proved what I already suspected - you don't like it. Had you remained on the east side of Kelly where you had a clear shot of buses exiting, there wouldn't have been a problem. When you turned your attention to me and the operator I was havng a conversation with, you stepped over the line. If you wanted an "interview" why didn't you just ask? I would have given you one as long as the subject matter was about things I could comment on. Now you know how the rest of us feel when you do it to us without our consent. As for your charge regarding HR 202, show me where on the web I have uploaded yesterday's "footage." That's right, you can't because I wasn't even recording. But you thought I was and it got to you.

As far as I'm concerned (I can't speak for TriMet management or policies) if you enjoy recording buses and trains, fine. Everyone needs a hobby. I've seen some of your still shots and I honestly think you're a hell of a photographer. If the stills I saw are indicative of your work, I don't understand why you don't do it as a craeer. I used to take pictures of buses on the mall with a little 110 instamatic back when I was 10 years old (and I've still got the photos to prove it.) But at no time did I initimidate or harass an employee. And the one of two photos I took of operators was with their permission ahead of time. You ought to try it. You can still make your point without annoying folks. Just a thought. Should we cross paths again I won't accuse you of being a jerk, and if you want to talk to me on camera or off just ask. There's no need to stand on the other side of the street.

rsb70 said...

*one or two photos. oops.

Al M said...

Russ you have lost ZERO credibility.

My personal opinion is that you presented a very good face for Trimet.

Given the history here I thought you showed pretty good restraint.

Even I think Lane's a jerk sometimes.

But there is some humor in this silliness.

You know my history at Trimet.

Trimet busted my balls over shit like this.

Now Lane is busting their balls and I gotta tell ya, I thoroughly enjoy it.

And Lane read what he says, if you have a question of him ask.

Don't sit across the street filming him, he said he would talk to you.

Max said...

Cameron pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Henry Beasley said...

This "is" a story and him are a dead horse, ops need to stop beating it, already. If he is on your bus, and he is distracting to you, you know what to do. If not, then do your job like you have always done it, like a PRO.