Friday, January 18, 2013

What to do about Lane Jensen

I'm getting contacted about Lane Jensen and being held responsible for Lane's activities.
While I admit to helping create Lane's 'image' I have no responsibility for the stuff he produces.

I have not witnessed Lane doing anything bordering on 'illegal'.
It wasn't Lane that turned right where the sign says 'no right turns'.
It wasn't Lane who instructed bus riders they cannot use cell phones while on the bus.
It wasn't Lane that ran two stop signs with a camera pointed right at them.

I take no pleasure out of watching Trimet bus drivers getting in trouble. God knows the real enemy here is the Mcfarlane gang.
But at the same time I am not going to defend a bus operator who is derelict in their duty just because I am a 'union brother'. Forget that mess. I don't defend bus operators who throw woman and babies off buses or drivers that lock riders out in the cold. Solidarity only goes so far.

I've told Lane that I think it would be a very good idea to stop filming drivers and other Trimet employees. Will Lane listen to me? Lane doesn't listen to anybody.

Lane has done nothing to justify  me dropping  the hammer on him and saying  "quit it or else"!
 For me to do something like that is selling out my very own principles due to peer pressure. I can't do that because his behavior does not warrant it.

Let's look at Lane vs one of Trimet's very own. ELLEN FOX. A Trimet employee that slanders me and other employees/Trimet riders with impunity. She pays no price for that sin. I would argue that Lane does less damage than Ellen does. And everything Lane post's is based on facts, not made up fantasies like Ellen's is. Trimet can't stop Ellen well I can't stop Lane.

So my advice to drivers, my union brothers and sisters,  is stop handing him stories. Without the cooperation of Trimet employees he's got nothing.


Barney Rubble said...

I believe that Lane is mentally ill. His actions and behavior do not dispute that. Lane considers you his mentor.

Al M said...

I really do wish Lane would give it a rest, he knows how I feel.

But if he digs up relevant stuff, then I will cross post it.

Insanity/genius exists on a razor thin edge.

When you look at Lane's productions, they all a a little genius in them.

Barney Rubble said...

Al, I believe that your way of exposing TriMets impotence will work much better in the long run than young Lane's will.

Al M said...

Lane is into the 'shock' 'reality' type of production.

I'm not really into that...

Max said...

Wow, I find it hysterical that you're getting compliments now, Al. It wasn't that long ago that you were the black sheep. I guess compared to Lane your activities are pretty normal (!!).

Al M said...

Operators have always have a love/hate relationship with me.

Some of my stuff they love and some of it they hate

@nonpartisantoo said...

Your blog keeps telling me I'm over 4K when I'm not, so I'll do bullet points.

* Lane crosses the reasonableness boundary.
-- The video of the driver going through two stops signs was okay.
-- The event, though, may have been precipitated by an interaction with lane.
-- Not an excuse -- pro drivers should be able to keep their emotions in check.
* Lane posted a video of an interaction with a supervisor handling a bus bridge.
-- It's not his job.
-- I worked in EMS for 10 years.
-- Major incidents require structured communication.
-- If Lane had tried to help, I'd have been distracted and would have found an officer to have him removed.
-- TriMet has its own protocols for dealing with problems.
-- Lane knows nothing of these protocols; his attempt to help was just causing problems.
-- I wouldn't offer to help because it just adds logistical difficulties, possibilities of inaccurate information, etc.
* Lane tends to use inflammatory language.
-- He asks of the pictures about the bus on the wrong side of the crossing arm, "Isn't this a safety issue?"
-- We have no context of the events that led up to the bus being on the wrong side.
-- It may be that staying put on the other side of the arm was the safest thing to do.
-- The bus didn't get hit . . .
* Lane uses "the letter of the law."
-- Frequently the spirit of the law is followed.
-- I was on the 88 when a fare inspector got on.
+++ Turn of the month.
+++ People had expired passes.
+++ Fare inspector said he'd exchange 2 hour all-zone transfers for expired passes.
+++ Everyone was happy; no one got citations; everyone got where they were going; no one could use the "I forgot" excuse again.
-- Cell phones during layovers
+++ I don't see a problem with a driver sitting in the driver's seat of a secured bus making a telephone call, using an iPad, reading a book.
+++ It may not be the letter of the law.
+++ I would not feel unsafe and I wouldn't complain.

I believe Lane likes to goad people to the point of getting them upset.
He likes to make mounds out of molehills.
And I can't deny it's working.
I created my @nonpartisantoo personality and this Gmail account
simply for being able to post about TriMet (Try-Met) issues
and respond on this blog.
Maybe Lane is a safety issue -- if he can upset operators
(regardless of whether it's rational or not -- if he has the
effect) so that they're making mistakes while driving, that's a
And it's a problem that wouldn't exist if Lane wasn't goading them.
So perhaps he should look at himself as a possible safety issue.
Regardless, while some of his interactions/videos have legitimate
purpose, I think a lot of his interactions are simply because he
can even though he shouldn't.

Cameron Johnson said...

I think you put it very well. Lane creates a lot of his own drama.