Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Portland, OR: LRT is so cost-ineffective, unable to operate at promised frequencies

SkyTrain for Surrey

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Anonymous said...

This is not about "driver-less" transport vs. non driver-less transport. Vancouver, B.C.'s Translink instead represents an agency focused on moving people, in other words transit. By recognizing trains are most effective for longer distance, higher speed transit, and as a complement (not a replacement) to a vibrant bus system, Translink offers the citizens of Vancouver a highly viable and proficient transit service. In doing so, by being good at the business they're in, transit, they are able to recoup more than 60% of their costs through
fare collection. Contrast this with Trimet where senior management has long been unabashedly driven by regional development concerns rather than, and at the expense of, sticking to the business of moving people in the most efficient way. It is Trimet's leadership, not it's workforce, that is responsible for it's poor business model and lackluster service, and the fact that fare revenue is less than 25% of it's budget as opposed to Translink's 60%.