Friday, January 15, 2016

Bruce Warner shuts down Ben Fein

Tireless activist Ben Fein
 These board meetings are about as "vanilla" as it comes. No debate, no excitement, no disagreements. Everybody is one big happy family over there. Trimet management gets up there and tells the board how wonderful they are and the board showers accolades on them.
 It's very rare for any sort of disruption to happen at these staged events which function as a pep rally for Trimet and where they hand out millions to the insider contractors for all the capital projects that go through Trimet

Randy Stedmen got up in front of the board of puppets to proclaim that his employee was BEING ABUSED  by the Trimet retirees.

It happens to be a lie. Stedmens claim to fame is his skill as a union buster. He will do anything in the form of retaliation if it causes distress for the union employees.

Ben called that out and true to form the head of the sock puppets Bruce Warner would hear nothing of it.  

These people control everything and the rest of us have to put up with it. When will Portlander's wake up to the reality of the selfish  lying technocrats that run the Portland transit agency called Trimet?

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