Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why I am against Trimet BRT

Powell residents can look forward to years of mayhem
Anybody that reads any of the material that I put out knows that I am 100% against Trimet capital projects and there never ending quest to expand the Trimet empire no matter what.

In 2011 I had the capital projects roster and what you see when you look at that is $10 million a year going to keep people employed in that department. I imagine that the roster has grown since then but that is the last information I have available to me. 
$10 million dollars a year is the equivalent of 100 full time bus drivers

That's 100 individual service enhancements to the Trimet service now in operation.
 Things like enhancing the bus 15 which is only once every 45 minutes after 8:30 pm. I'm sorry for a city like Portland that is not decent service to a major neighborhood in the city.
There are only (2) bus 52's after 10pm, totally unacceptable. And Trimet bus 71 needs to be frequent service but there are no plans for that to happen. I could go on and on giving examples of pathetic Trimet bus service.

 Even the Max Blue Line stops running after 10:44pm from Hillsboro.

Here we have this system that could be world class, but Trimet capital projects is not only sucking down the extra funds that could enhance Trimet existing service but they won't stop expanding the system and using precious future resources.

Now on to Powell Blvd. Why exactly is this needed? Why in the world would anybody even want to put BRT on it? It's already got bus service! Trimet could have 8 minute service right now if they weren't employing all those people in the capital projects department. 

And even if Trimet puts in BRT how much help will it be for riders?

Lets see, well people may get into downtown a little faster, say 1-15 minutes, but then again there will be less stops available for people to use which means longer walks.

So Trimet is proposing tearing up Powell Blvd for years, for nothing basically. I see no advantage to this project other than expanding the Trimet evil empire with another useless capital project.

Causing discomfort for people living on Powell that could go on for years for what? This is a ridiculous project, almost as ridiculous as the Orange line.

At least the Orange line gave us a pretty bridge, what will Powell BRT give us?

A goddamn traffic nightmare for years is what.

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