Friday, January 29, 2016

What really happens when an employee has a gruesome accident

Shelly Lomax at a recent board meeting told the board how concerned management is about the well being of an employee after an accident .
 Well the truth is not quite what she would have you believe. 
Below the break is the truth from someone who actually knows.
Having some knowledge of Trimet and its strange ways, I already know that the Trimet board meetings are scripted cheer leading sessions. You can't believe much of what these managers have to say.  According to them Trimet  is prefect and Trimet is the BEST TRANSIT AGENCY in the world. Some people actually believe that. The truth is actually what the former, now deceased, Trimet advocate Michael Levin at THIS TRIMET BOARD MEETING spoke 

In regards to the video you posted about Sapporta and Lomax and the accidents. this last year.  I cannot speak for Sapporta as to what he does with the accident reports to ODOT, but as far as Lomax, well at no time in all my years at rail and investigating fatalities have I ever been asked how I am doing after investigating it. I had covered some very gruesome and some not so. The first thing we do like she says is shield the operator?  No we take the operator for a drug test and assure the operator has nothing to drink, smoke or eat before the test if you call that shielding, well ok I guess. Cascade Counseling used to be the people we used to give some help to those who had issues.  I have never heard of them having a manager go out with the operator to help deal with returning to work so when they drive or operate past the scene they can with no flash backs.  This sounds new to me. It usually falls on the training department to do this and make assessments on how the driver/operator is when driving/operating through the area.  ODOT maybe able to verify rather they are reviewing an accident report sent in my TriMet.  But this is my view and I do not believe her any more than Sapporta.  They tell what those who they are talking to want to hear.  What they do not know isn't going to hurt them idea.

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