Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Who will be the next victim of poor bus design?

The Deadly Blind "spot" on Transit Buses

 An example of the universal concern pertaining to the left mirror and A-pillar issue:  just as those operators associated with TriMet raise concerns over the flippant attitude of managers dismissing the importance of this issue, an operator at King County Metro has the same concerns over the new Proterra coaches about to be tested in the Seattle area.  This letter from an anonymous operator published in the Local 587 newsletter, is calling Metro out on this issue in the same frustrated manner as those at TriMet anguish about the same concerns: 

It's absolutely sickening that managers at transit agencies can't grasp the concept.  They should make it a priority to work with the ATU International and with bus manufacturers to reduce the size of the left mirror and alter its mounting position along with bus manufacturers reducing the width of the A-pillar.  I can't believe that these educated and highly-paid managers can't understand that many lives will be saved by just making some rather simple changes.  Again 1) reducing the size of the left mirror and alter its mounting position and, 2) forcing bus manufacturers to reduce the width of the A-pillar ...bus manufacturers do not understand the importance this simple alteration will make and it's totally achievable with today's engineering technology.

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