Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hatchet man Randy Stedmen retaliates against Trimet retirees for the election of Shirley Block

Stedmen, a well know liar and union buster, puts forth the phony argument that he is worried about his employee being 'harassed' after the first meeting with Shirley Block. 

Imagine if bus drivers made these sorts of complaints about their working conditions. They would be fired immediately. 

This is the kind of thing that Stedmen does, with the full approval of that sack of shit who attempts to hide behind him,  Neil Mcfarlane.


Anonymous said...

more details please - what is the retaliation against retirees??

Anonymous said...

OK, now makes sense. The video wasn't there before

Al M said...

The retaliation is removing the tri-Met benefits person from the tri-Met retirees meeting

Anonymous said...

All management at TriMet is trained in documenting events and behaviors which make them uncomfortable. If this truly happened there would documentation from Ms. Vass, so where is the documentation? Any supporting document that would show up now would be just another fabricated lie from Randy Stedman.

Al M said...

Hatchet man just got a brand new contract for 3 years. Dickhead Mcdarlane loves this asshole